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Some considerations when deciding how many episodes to do each month

When doing a podcast keep in mind two things. Recording and releasing of episodes. Most podcasts are released on a once per week schedule. So four episodes per month. It’s the minimum we recommend as well but it depends on who the audience is you are trying to reach. A brand building podcast might benefit from more episodes, whereas an internal podcast might only need two a month. Whatever your intent you want to release episodes on a schedule. Recording the episodes is a different matter. To make scheduling easier for yourself, we often recommend recording all your episodes as one or two groups each month. If you plan to do two then if possible record them on the same day. A couple of other things to consider. Do you intend to have guests on your show? Remember you’ll need to be able to schedule them to record with you. Do you need time to put together talking points for the episode? Once an episode is recorded we require 5 business days to produce the finished product. So, always allow at least a couple of weeks between the recording date and the release date.

With Each Plan You Get These Benefits

Podcast Distribution

Podcast platforms where your show may be distributed to include: Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon, IHeart Radio, Podbean, PlayerFM, Samsung, Podchaser and Boomplay In addition, if your podcast is business oriented you will get a Channel

Host Coaching

We want your podcast to be great. To make that happen we’ll provide as little or as much coaching as necessary to make you a better host.

Flexibile Recording Schedule

Record all of your episodes in a day or one a week. Your recording schedule is up to you.

StreamYard Recording Studio

To make recording a breeze, before each episode we will provide you with a StreamYard studio link. We’ll also be there in the background on call to make sure your recording goes as smooth as possible. If you have a problem we can pop in and help. If you don’t already know what Streamyard is, it’s one of the top podcast recording platforms on the internet.

Equipment Recommendations

Maybe you’ve already bought everything you need. If not, we’ll give you recommendations for the equipment you need. Don’t worry, our recommendations won’t break the bank and everything is available on Amazon.

Terms and Conditions

1. Scope of Work:
Titan Media Worx, Inc. agrees to provide services to include the online recording studio, recording and editing of the podcast episodes purchased, supplying the Client with a copy of the raw video files if requested, distributing the podcast episodes to various podcast hosting platforms, providing social meda clips for each episode. The Client is responsible for scripting or writing content for each episode and providing their own guests of they choose to have them.
2. Duration:
This Agreement will remain in effect until either the Client or the Titan Media Worx, Inc. decides to terminate.
3. Compensation:
This agreement is for a month to month subscription service. Upon submission of this agreement with payment your monthly subscription with ensue. You agree to be charged automatically each month until the agreement is terminated. Failure to pay for services will cause the immediate suspension of services until payment is made. If payment is not received within 10 days of overdue notice services will be cancelled.
4. Ownership and Rights:
All rights to the podcast, including recordings, videos, and content, belong to the Client. Titan Media Worx, Inc. has the right to publish the podcast episodes on and related social media properties unless otherwise specifically requested by the Client not to. We may also use examples of your podcast to promote our own services as work examples.
5. Confidentiality:
The Titan Media Worx, Inc. will not disclose any confidential information related to the Client’s podcast or content.
6. Termination:
The Agreement can be terminated at any time by either the Client or Titan Media Worx, Inc. Request to terminate must be in writing. An email is acceptable. Termination by the host must be received before the next billing date to avoid being charged. Requests received after may be eligible for a refund provided that no new episodes have been recorded. Recording of an episode constitutes engagement of services for the month.

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