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Titan Media Worx is pleased to present this proposal, aiming to enhance brand visibility and market presence through strategic appearances on five distinct shows across our network. This initiative is designed to showcase your franchise through diverse media formats, providing an engaging platform for your franchisees to connect with a broader audience.

Project Overview

Our proposal encompasses guest appearances for two franchisees to appear on five different shows, each with a unique format to cater to varied audiences and interests.

Services Included

  • Guest Appearance: Five franchisees will appear as guests on 2 different Titan Media Worx shows, each having a different host.
  • Diverse Show Formats: Each show will feature a different format, ensuring a wide-ranging appeal to various audience segments.
  • Scheduling Coordination: Titan Media Worx will provide scheduling links to facilitate the booking of the five appearances.
  • Branding & Messaging Consistency: Work closely with the hosts of each show to ensure that branding and core messaging are accurately represented and maintained throughout each appearance.
  • Preparation Support: Assist in the preparation process by reviewing and incorporating a list of at least 20 sample questions supplied by client. These questions will be adapted for use across all five shows, tailored to fit each unique show format and host style.

Project Cost

The total cost for this comprehensive guest appearance and branding service is $500 This investment includes all aspects of the services mentioned, amounting to $250 per appearance.

Terms and Conditions

  • Client agrees to supply a list of at least 20 sample questions for use across all five shows, along with a list of the five guests (franchisees) to be featured.
  • Payment of $500.00 is due upon acceptance of this proposal, ensuring all appearances and preparations are secured in advance.
  • Any specific branding materials or messages to be included in the shows must be supplied by client prior to the scheduled appearances.


We look forward to your approval of this proposal and are ready to move forward with scheduling and preparations to ensure a successful collaboration.

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Thank you for considering Titan Media Worx for your media exposure needs. We are committed to delivering exceptional value and results for our clients.

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